Tiger Lily

Susan “Tiger Lily” Drews Watkins began Susan "Tiger Lily" Drews Watkins, fireFLYgirlz principal dancerdancing at age four and this childhood inspiration led her to ballet lessons where she danced in annual Nutcracker performances. She eventually discovered a preference for modern dance, where her ballet technique could evolve with greater vocabulary of movement and a new experience of improvisation.

It was during her first trip to Burning Man in 1998 that she discovered fire dancing. While busy completing a Masters degree in Fine Art with a concentration in spatial arts (installation and performance art), she put this newfound dance possibility on the back burner. Tiger Lily discovered Temple of Poi around 2005 and began to pursue this new dance form more seriously. She loves the development of technical skills, the practice of “Flowology,” new dance vocabulary and the beautiful community of fire dancers.                < back to The Girlz