Brenda “Manzanita” Fagan discovered the beautiful art of Brenda "Manzanita" Fagan, principal dancer in fireFLYgirlzpoi spinning when she saw a crowd of smiling people dancing and spinning balls on a string at High Sierra Music Festival in 2005. Her first thought was, “I can do that!” She bought a set of poi, found Temple of Poi via Goggle and began her journey into the wonderful world of flow. She fell in love with the Flowology Mindset as it brought together all the concepts and philosophies she’d been trying for many years to incorporate into her life.

The second she heard her flaming poi she was hooked. Over the next few months Manzanita was born and has continued to evolve learning to write choreography, collaborate with other artists, make costumes and challenges herself in all areas of her life.      
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